Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bug Removal in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Choose Cowboy Pest Management in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for professional bed bug removal you only need once. This epidemic has grown 500% due to international travel and a variety of other factors. Our methods for removal handle the complete removal of these harmful pests.

Heated Removal

Bed bugs are hard to see at one to seven millimeters, or roughly the size of Lincoln's head on a penny. Bed bugs can live up to six weeks without a blood meal. As your choice for pest control, we bring in all of our own equipment, including large electric heaters. Designed exclusively for the removal of these pests, our professional equipment handles the job.

The Crew

The Crew with Heaters and Jace

On the Subject of Us

On the Subject of Us

Let Cowboy Pest Management rid your building of Bed Bugs.

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